Welcome to the website of Barrie M. Schwortz and Barrie Schwortz Productions. This site allows you to review the photographic, video and digital imaging work I provided to a broad range of clients since 1971. The Image Galleries give you a look at a sampling of my still photographic and imaging assignments and include project descriptions and other pertinent data. The Video Galleries provide a similar look at some of the video production projects I completed over the years. Also, for those who want an even more detailed overview of my work, there are printable Acrobat PDF files for both my full Resume and a one page Biography. Just click on the appropriate links below.

Although I am now retired from active production work, I am still available as a photographic, video or imaging consultant, particularly in areas of science, medicine and technology. Feel free to contact me at your convenience by telephone, e-mail or postal mail to discuss your requirements. Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page. I look forward to working with you to apply my skills and experience in fullfilling your imaging needs.

Barrie M. Schwortz

1094 Highland Meadows Dr., Florissant, CO 80816
Phone: 719-689-2217   E-mail: [email protected]

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